Acceptance of terms and Conditions

The present Terms and Conditions govern the use (including mere access) of Shape Shack's website (the "Shape Shack Website"), as well as any and all facilities operated by Shape Shack (the "Shape Shack Facilities").

Any person that accesses the Shape Shack Website and/or the Shape Shack Facilities (the "Member") accepts to submit to the Terms and Conditions in force at the time, being noted that these Terms and Conditions may be amended.

The present Terms and Conditions complete any and all contract entered into by the Member and Shape Shack. Should there be any contrary disposition in the present Terms and Conditions, the aforementioned contract shall prevail.

Shape Shack reserves the right to alter, at any moment and with no prior notice required, the present Terms and Conditions. However, Shape Shack shall notify the Member in due time when the Terms and Conditions are modified.  

1. Use of the Shape Shack Facilities

1.1. The Member shall change into clean gym shoes before entering the Shape Shack Facilities. Shape Shack reserves its rights to exclude the Member from the Shape Shack Facilities should the Member not have clean gym shoes.

1.2. Shape Shack shall not provide the Member with any towel during group classes. Exceptions shall however apply, to Shape Shack's sole discretion.

1.3. If the Member is taking part to a Group Class, the Member may have access to Shape Shack's showers, provided that such showers are not used by a Personal Training client. Indeed, the Member is hereby informed that Personal Training clients have a priority access to Shape Shack's showers.

1.4. Shape Shack is a community; consequently, the Member shall be respectful at all times.

1.5. Shape Shack reserves its right to exclude the Member from the Shape Shack Facilities and to suspend or terminate the Member's use of the Shape Shack Facilities should: (i) the Member's conduct be disrespectful or damaging to Shape Shack's reputation, (ii) the Member's conduct be in breach of the present Terms and Conditions; (iii) the Member's exclusion otherwise be in the interests of other users of the Shape Shack Facilities. Shape Shack's decision in this respect shall be made at its sole discretion. The Member hereby agrees that they shall not be entitled to any refund in such circumstances.

1.6. The Member has to sign up for a user account on the MindBody App (the "MindBody User Account").

1.7. When signing up on the MindBody App, the Member confirms that the Member is healthy to train in the Shape Shack Facilities. Shape Shack may request the Member to provide a doctor’s certificate in case of any doubt. In any event, the Member will be also offered to sign a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (a "PAR Q"). (see Article 2.4)

1.8. All children under 12 years must be accompanied by a parent and/or guardian.

1.9. If the Member is using the Shape Shack Facilities and is under 18 years old, Shape Shack may request the Member to provide proof of parental consent.

1.10. The Member hereby agrees to any Class Rules which they may see displayed either on the Shape Shack Website or in the Shape Shack Facilities.

1.11. Shape Shack provides lockers to keep its members' belongings safe. However, by using such lockers, the Member shall assume all risk of loss for any of their personal belongings. Shape Shack shall not be made responsible for any loss of the Member's personal belongings.